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Victim\'s Mom, City of Concord Cope With Water Slide Tragedy / Independent engineers to report on park tour today

by:Tongtoy     2020-02-13
On Monday, the Concord water slide, which cracked under the weight of more than 20 teenagers, killed one person and injured 32, was inspected yesterday by American Water World owners and engineers hired by Concord city.The park that was closed immediately after the accident was still closed, and the pool and sidewalk were empty under the bright blue sky.Water World officials say they won\'t be able to release any information until today.\"I think it\'s too early to speculate on the findings,\" said Brent Gooden, a spokesman for Major parks in the city of orrama.\"The investigation is in progress.It is comprehensive.It is thorough.Concord spokesman Emily Hopkins said she did not receive any preliminary findings from an engineer at Degenkolb, a San Francisco company that was employed by the city on Tuesday night to determine what caused the deadlyDegen Corb officials did not call back yesterday.Concord is the landlord of the water world because it has 20-acre site.Mayor Bill McManigal has vowed that the park will remain closed until safety is determined.Hopkins cannot say how the decision was made or who made it.Gooden repeated the company\'s position in the accident involving senior students at Napa High School: slides are safe, but teenagers are overloaded in what they call \"blockages.According to several witnesses, 60 to 70 students rushed onto the slide in violation of lifeguard parking orders, trying to create school records for most people on the water slide.Quimby Ghilotti, 18, died and other teenagers were injured, ranging from head wounds to wounds and bruises.Al Turner said the slide, known as the Banzai Pipeline, is a winding Fiberglas sink, about 400 feet long and about 40 feet high, the most common slide in the water park industry, executive Director, World Water work Association, Kansas.He called it a solid slide and never failed in his association\'s 850 water parks.The president of BC, which made the slides, said yesterday that in 17 years of business, he had never heard of a crash like Monday.\"We have never had a product failure anywhere in the world,\" said Jeff Shute, president of Whitewater Western Industries Co., Ltd.More than 1,200 projects and thousands of slides have been established worldwide.Chutter says only one person can walk down the slide at a time, but it\'s designed a lot more than that.He was unable to provide accurate maximum weight limits for the slide.About 30 teenagers in 20-When the slide is torn, close to the foot part at the top of the slide.Wally James, an engineer in Iowa, said: \"In any case, this is a serious overload, of course, far beyond the specifications of the slide .\" He checks water slides around the world.In addition to the human weight, James says, the slide keeps the water flowing at 1,000 gallons per minute.When teenagers block the slide, they cause the water to return, increasing the weight and pressure of the structure.The building code usually requires the weight of the structure to be 3 to 6 times as necessary, James said.He added that the engineers would not expect 30 people to squeeze together on the slide.\"The app is designed for its intended use, plus the safety factor.I don\'t know what a 30-to-\"Safety factor,\" James said.\"I don\'t want to sue those children ---They went through hell.But the overall misuse of the slides caused the accident.\"The former Napa High school seniors apparently created the blocking record that the group tried to exceed on Monday, and Mike Brown, president of the Manteca water slide, said his slide could withstand the practice.There are some rules for the blockage, he said, but \"the child is the child.\"We are stuck and we have never failed,\" Brown said .\".\"I \'ve never seen such a serious blockage, but I wouldn\'t be surprised if it happened.
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