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unpowered project city park's

unpowered project city park's


The construction of city park's investors, in the exclusive area children play, choose a few has no power equipment, to meet different ages of children's outdoor activities, recreation demand, unpowered project has several obvious advantages is very suitable for this kind of outdoor scenes, park is the size of the relatively lower cost, higher level of security, fun abundant project equipment, health positive activities to play one of the exercises.

The ground trampoline

Trampoline has always been a very popular unpowered amusement project, with excellent interaction and exercise effect, as well as good entertainment effect. Teenagers and children are willing to experience this kind of project.On the other hand, the trampoline chosen for the amusement park should be limited to a small scale due to the collocation of external modeling design and landscape, as well as safety considerations.Ground embedded trampoline can meet the above requirements, rich color matching, flexible modeling, the site area is not too large requirements.

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