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Knowledge and precautions for glass path products

Knowledge and precautions for glass path products


The glass plank road is the latest slide entertainment project launched by the company. The project integrates all the advantages of granite slides, glass suspension bridges and glass plank roads. It has a beautiful appearance and smooth sliding. It integrates "entertainment, mobility, fitness, excitement and beauty". Covering an area of less than one meter in width, the construction will not damage the natural vegetation and shuttle through the sea of trees and flowers, which is more like a beautiful landscape project.

The design of the glass plank road is simpler than other water amusement equipment. The manufacturer mainly considers the slope and water flow speed when designing and constructing it.

The glass slide is 100 meters with a drop of 8 to 10 meters, the main body is 165 galvanized steel, the bottom is three layers of 6 cm laminated glass, the width is 1.3 meters, the height of the guardrail is about 80 cm, and the two layers of laminated glass

During the construction, pay attention to the construction water consumption of the glass water plank road is 405 to 500 cubic meters per hour. The water is pumped to the starting point, the water is recycled, and no water is wasted during the rafting process. On average, each person’s electricity bill is a few cents. If possible, try to build a reservoir with enough water for an hour on the glass rafting station. Of course, the bigger the better. In addition, judging from the degree of irritation, the water plank road and the dry plank road are equally irritating. The difference is that the dry plank road uses the slope to control the speed, while the glass water plank road drift is the combined speed of the water and the slope control.

The structure of the dry plank road has strict restrictions on the slope. If the slope is too small, it will not slide. If the dangerous ship is too large, the structure of the transparent water plank will have a slope much less than the slip, even if it is water skiing. The drifting trough is more than ten meters high, and the boat can pass quickly. In addition, the construction design of the glass water plank road does not require a water drift slide for the slope. At the same time, it needs to be considered: there are heavy rains in summer, especially in the mountains. Then the engineering team doing glass water slide construction on the mountainside or on the cliff face rainy weather, specifically need to pay attention to the following items:

1. The construction content is simply classified according to the construction conditions, and the construction that is not suitable for rainy days can be postponed or advanced. In any case, the design and construction of the slideway must be completed under safe conditions.

2. In rainy days, the construction period of the glass water slide must be considered, the safety of the project must be considered, and the cost of the project must be considered and how much.

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