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jumping castle goes airborne with two kids inside

by:Tongtoy     2020-02-25
On Saturday, a dust demon lifted a jumping castle containing two children into the air, about 15 feet M, and before it landed in the middle of a busy highway in aliztucson
An emergency team from Tucson\'s fire department was called to rescue the boys and girls who were jumping into the castle at the time.
Both children are said to be between the ages of 7 and 10 and are taken to a serious but not serious hospital. life-
Threatened to get hurt.
The incident took place at a children\'s festival at the Arab Oasis cultural center at about 2. m.
On Saturday, a powerful whirlwind formed behind the castle.
Arab Oasis director Bill Pace told ABC News\'s Tucson affiliate KGUN-
Television said he ran over and tried to stop the castle from speeding but was blown down by the wind.
\"The Castle flew over me, over our whirlwind fence, which was about 8 to 10 feet high, and through three lanes of the highway Avenue, into the middle,\" Pace said . \".
\"It just lifts it up.
\"If the wind is big enough, it will definitely put me on the ground, which means it\'s a very strong wind,\" he said . \".
Pace told KGUN that he was bruised and bruised after being knocked down by the jumping castle.
The staff of the rental company tied the inflatable attraction to the ground with several large stakes, Pace told KGUN-
He thinks it is safe.
This is the second time in arritz Pima County that there is a jumping castle flying in the air with the children. this year.
On February, two young girls exploded on fences and roofs in a bounce house. 19.
In that incident, one of the girls was seriously injured and the other was slightly injured.
Both have recovered and performed well, according to KGUN.
Fire department officials said that for safety reasons, those who build similar inflatable castles and other attractions should ensure that the anchorage system is in place and that the equipment will not wear out until the signing of the equipment is released.
\"Just take precautions,\" said Tracy, spokesman for Tucson\'s fire department . \".
\"It is everyone\'s responsibility to ensure the safety of children, and adult supervision is the best way to do this.
\"In the case of wind, it is also recommended to jump the castle to let go.
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