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inflatable water walking ball news

inflatable water walking ball news


Water walking ball can also be called water walker, water running ball, water walking ball, water walking ball, water fitness ball, water zorb ball, transparent water sports ball, water balloon, water roller, hand boat, water float, etc. . It is mostly used in parks, artificial lakes or reservoirs, beaches, rivers, beaches, swimming pools, or other open water. It is a family, group, or individual amusement. It is suitable for friends of different ages.

(1) Material introduction

Ball skins are generally divided into three materials: TPU, compound, and PVC. Among them, TPU materials are divided into two types: polyester and polyether. Imported TPU film, non-toxic, colorless, odorless, absolutely environmentally friendly materials that meet European and American standards. The thickness is 0.7MM, it has hydrolysis resistance and yellowing resistance. The tension and elasticity are several times that of similar products. The zipper on the balloon is a sealed and waterproof zipper. There are TIZIP zipper, 3F Chemical’s TPU copper tooth zipper, and PVC copper tooth zipper on the market. And rubber zippers, these zippers are high-pressure, waterproof, leak-proof, and have very good airtightness. They are mainly used in military products.

The performance of the material greatly guarantees the safety factor of the product, allowing tourists to enjoy the endless charm of the water walking ball with confidence.

(2) Water walking balls are generally rented in parks or water entertainment venues, and their operation is simple, environmentally friendly and stylish. Rent a place on the water, people start to inflate it with an air pump after they enter, and when it is full (strike the hard balloon with your hand), you can play in the water.

(3) The water walking ball has a diameter of 2 meters, a total volume of more than 3 cubic meters, and a safe load of more than 150 kg. According to scientific statistics, adults inhale 15 cubic meters of air per day. The water walking ball has an air volume of more than 3 cubic meters.

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