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Introduction to the production technology of inflatable trampoline, inflatable slide, inflatable combination park

Introduction to the production technology of inflatable trampoline, inflatable slide, inflatable combination park


Henan Tongqu Park:

Tongquyuan  park is a factory with 26 years of production experience. It has three production plants and one sales center. Our products are well received in the industry. The production service cycle is also the longest in the industry. The use cycle of inflatable products is 5- 10 years, the warranty period is up to five years, and the warranty period of preschool education products and mechanical products is also 1-3 years according to the nature of the product. Technical guidance services such as installation are provided.

Now the technology of inflatable amusement equipment is very mature, especially the children's playground with 26 years of experience in the production of amusement equipment. The inflatable amusement equipment produced is safer and more reliable! Below are the technical nature and characteristics of our production process.

What factors affect the quality and safety of inflatable water park equipment?

1. Use of PVC mesh cloth material

Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise. Therefore, in terms of raw material procurement, high-quality raw materials can be used to ensure high-quality products, and inflatable water park equipment products use PVC mesh cloth materials. At present, there are only a few suppliers of PVC mesh material that are recognized by the industry as high-quality raw materials.

The PVC sandwich material produced by Tongquyuan Amusement Park has good air-holding properties (high temperature seams), plasticity of the product shape, tear resistance, high pressure resistance, and In the case of exposure to the sun, the PVC sandwich fabric material produced by Scarlett has good air-tightness (high temperature joints), resistance to abrasion, tearing, high pressure and exposure to the wall of the support pool. The quality of PVC mesh cloth material is stable. The environment temperature is low temperature minus 40 degrees Celsius to high temperature 80 degrees Celsius, flame retardant waterproof environmental protection material.

2. Technical Standards for Sewing Manufacturing Process

Because inflatable products need to be continuously inflated with a blower, the entire production process focuses on the air-tightness of the product to standardize the technical standards of the sewing manufacturing process.

The stitching quality and safety of PVC sandwich mesh material is related to the stitch, stitch length, thread and stitching method.

The bur uses No. 23 imported bur, which has the characteristics of small sewing needle holes, and the imported bur has the advantage of anti-broken needles. This type of needle is commonly used in the industry. Of course, some companies use other needles that are too thick or too thin. This product will cause poor air-tightness due to the large needle holes, or use too fine needles to break easily and damage the PVC mesh material.

Needle pitch is used standard. Years of experience in manufacturing inflatable products have concluded that the best needle pitch is 18 needles within 10 cm. Excessive stitch length will cause poor air-tightness, and too small stitch length will cause the PVC sandwich mesh material to be affected by the car. The tension of the suture is damaged.

The thread industry generally uses high-strength Bundy polyester thread, which has the advantages of wear resistance, resistance to breakage, and aging resistance.

The stitching method refers to the double-thread sewing, the four-thread back and forth transportation, and the six-thread PVC interlocking mesh material in the special stress-bearing piece, joint position, triangle position and other stress positions. The use of this process is to make the product quality safer.

The air-tightness of the product is the use of high-temperature machine three-layer heat-sealing technology, that is, at the joint of the PVC sandwich material, the seam is wrapped to increase the air-tightness, tear resistance, and high pressure resistance of the joint.

The use of air-closing flaps makes the product more compact in inflatable products, and adds safety and energy saving to the product.

3. Quality inspection and evaluation of finished equipment

After the product is manufactured, the quality inspection and evaluation of the finished equipment is a very important part, which is related to the life and property safety of the operators and consumers of the inflatable water park.

After the product is finished, we adopt a series of testing standards of self-disciplined product quality and safety regulations in the inflatable products industry, such as air-tightness testing, tensile strength testing, standard pressure testing and so on.

With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing inflatable products, Tongquyuan Amusement Park pays special attention to product quality and safety and has been affirmed by the majority of inflatable water parks. The products are sold at home and abroad.

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