We are professional inflatable water slide, inflatable obstacle course and inflatable bouncy castle manufacturer with 25 years experience.

How to operate water slide bounce house ?
As for the accurate operation of water slide bounce house , it is recorded in the instruction manual with a lot of operational details. Generally, the product is easy to operate as it is manufactured to have a stable structure. But we still prepare some instruction information in case there are some accidents happening. If you find it difficult to operate, please check out our instruction manual to see whether you have some misoperation. If you still worry about the product operation, please ask us for help.

After years of engagement in the R&D, design, and manufacture of human bubble ball, Henan Tong Qu Park Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd has become a professional manufacturer in the industry. TongQu's main products include inflatable obstacle course series. Tongtoy inflatable bounce house is designed to be flexible. It is created by our product designers who are proficient in design concepts and use them in different ways to create different forms of art/objects and visual effects. The specially customized PVC gridding materials ensure it has a long service life. This product is safe. The dyes used are dispersed-free, phenylenediamine-free, and Okemo Tex certified, which proves that it poses no harmful risks. After it is deflated, it is small in size and easy to transport.

TongQu will pursue more stable endlessly inflatable water park. Call now!
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