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How to choose children's inflatable amusement

by:Tongtoy     2021-01-11

First of all, let's talk about the most promising development prospects for indoor children's playgrounds. Many people realize that this industry is more economical, so people want to invest in this industry. The first competition in this industry is relatively small, the second profit is relatively high, and the third playground can be said to be a one-time investment and a lifetime return! The indoor children's amusement park industry does not have much competition and is the most emerging industry. It was only in the past two years that the entire China became popular. So your investment in this industry is definitely a business opportunity. But there is one thing we must pay attention to. The venue must have a high flow of people, so that the business will be good. Generally, choose the location in shopping malls, supermarkets, and large communities to make money faster.

Children’s playground, after choosing the venue and children’s inflatable amusement equipment manufacturer, you can ask them to provide some services that others may not have, so that the children’s indoor playground project will be more competitive, and parents are more willing to let their children come to you play!
   1. Regardless of whether it is a look or a real person, the health check of the child before entering the venue is the main item is to test the body temperature. In this way, parents who take their children to your place will feel safe and feel that the health and hygiene conditions here are good.
  2. There must be an obvious prompt in the venue 'please parents to take good care of their children and pay attention to the safety of play'.
  3. Leave enough space for parents to rest, place a few computer desks and provide free Internet services, so that the parents accompanying their children do not have to stay in the venue, and your service is more user-friendly.
  4. Paid nursing services can be provided, with 1-2 kindergarten teachers. Parents can safely put their children in your place if they have something to do. The cost is calculated by the hour. Usually these kindergarten teachers can also provide parent-child guidance for children and parents free of charge.
  What kind of children's playground design plan is qualified?
   1. Children's playground equipment-safe and high quality. Safety is the first priority. Only high-quality children's playground equipment can ensure the safety of children. The high-quality equipment and products of colleagues are also the guarantee of the vitality of the children's playground. Lianjia’s children’s playground equipment will not only increase the maintenance cost of the park, it is also difficult for colleagues to attract new members to join when the equipment is damaged.
   2. Children's playground equipment-novelty. The bright appearance can immediately attract the attention of children and parents. If children's equipment can be more novel than other local park equipment, it will be more popular. You can also consider ordering some new styles of play equipment from the manufacturer on a regular basis, or swapping and deploying equipment between stores to ensure the novelty of the equipment.
  3. Children's playground environment-bright and clean. Hygiene is the key to children's playground.
   Friends who want to enter this industry, when choosing children's inflatable amusement equipment manufacturers, should choose well-known ones with guaranteed product quality.
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