We are professional inflatable water slide, inflatable obstacle course and inflatable bouncy castle manufacturer with 25 years experience.

How many people in TongQu Park export department?
In Henan Tong Qu Park Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd Park, the number of employees in the export department accounts for at least 20% of the total. We have been engaged in export business for many years. All employees in the export department are well trained and experienced. Multilingual services are also available. We will continue to expand our export business.

TongQu is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. We have been providing high quality water trampoline in the industry. TongQu's main products include inflatable water park series. Tongtoy human hamster ball has ensured quality. In the manufacturing process, our Q&C team conducted a series of inspections on this product, including humidity testing and water spray testing. The scientific design guarantees its anti-tear property. This product is known for its abrasion resistance. Its fabrics are able to withstand the loss of appearance through surface wear, rubbing, chafing, and other frictional actions. The product can withstand the scorching sun.

We never ignore the importance of service and quality while offering inflatable water slide. Contact!
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