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How long will it take if I want giant inflatable slide sample?
It mainly depends on the required sample's specifications or other customization requirements and sample inventory of giant inflatable slide , and also the production capacity of the manufacturing factory to some extent. In general, it may take a longer time for Henan Tong Qu Park Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd Park to manufacture a customized sample. Or else, if the sample is in stock, the suppliers will arrange the delivery based on the order sequence. Customers can get the required sample as soon as possible. However, if there is not enough stock, the supplier will confirm the requirements from customers and deal with the order in sequence, which will take longer time.

TongQu has become a well-known manufacturer in the Chinese market. We mainly provide innovative giant inflatable slide and related product portfolio. TongQu's main products include water trampoline series. The quality of Tongtoy floating trampoline is guaranteed. Its manufacturing process focuses on buyer safety by ensuring compliance with safety standards during processing. Its environmental friendliness has been verified by the National Testing Center. This product is flame resistant. The flame retardant has been incorporated into its fiber at the time of production, which significantly reduces its flammability. It has good flame retardancy, ensuring maximum safety.

We guarantee that the performance of water trampoline will satisfy the local needs. Check now!
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