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Hot Sale Inflatable Bouncer Castle Slide And Colorful Net Red Bridge

Hot Sale Inflatable Bouncer Castle Slide And Colorful Net Red Bridge


Inflatable Net Red Bridge is an emerging amusement project, a kind of collective sports, through joint cooperation, to challenge people's balance and resilience, dynamic and full of rhythm.

The net red bridge has the characteristics of unpowered, teamwork, interactive play, competitive sports, outreach training, fitness, stress release, etc., which cannot be replaced by other playground equipment.


The Inflatable net red bridge deck is a wooden bridge with fixed ends. Two teams of competitive tourists standing on the bridge stand opposite each other. The left and right feet of the tourists are on both sides of the bridge to keep the body's center of gravity stable. The movement direction is the same, the left and right legs alternately drive the bridge body to sway from side to side. As the frequency of the bridge's swaying back and forth gradually increases, the occupants with chaotic rhythms will stand unsteadily and fall into the water. This thrilling entertainment can exercise physical fitness and balance. With a sense of rhythm, it is deeply loved and welcomed by tourists.


Dasheng Trampoline Slide is a large bouncer slide designed with many game levels based on the famous Chinese novel Monkey King. It can carry many children to play together, and the return on investment is very high.

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