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go cruising - on a freighter

by:Tongtoy     2020-02-13
When Ravanna Schrack booked her latest cruise, she knew exactly what she didn\'t want: a gorgeous show, a formal dinner, and competition for recliner chairs around the pool.
So instead of booking on a traditional cruise, a self-service cruisedescribed un-
The tourist booked a berth on the cargo ship, which was her fifth such holiday.
She got what she wanted: loneliness as a simple food and container for the neighbors next door.
Cargo ships may have no fruit-flavored face, rock climbing walls and water slides, spin courses and spa for planned shore trips, but cargo ship enthusiasts are raving about their travels.
There are only a few travelers on any trip, there is no dress code for dinner, and there is a lot of space. \"It\'s the un-
\"Cruise,\" said schrak, a retired teacher from Vancouver, Canada.
\"We like to say it\'s like staying on our own yacht with the captain,\" said Ranko Zunic, owner of Maris freighter and professional cruise company, a booking freighter
Zunic\'s company is one of the few companies that book a trip and he sells between £ 200 and £ 300 a year.
A California company, World Cruise
, About 1000 trips a year, the third company, The New York-based company travries
The world row through the freighter about 200, the most.
By contrast, more than 12.
5 million people are expected to take traditional cruises this year.
Experience is a separate ocean.
The freighters and cabins on board are very practical.
No 24-
Hour buffet or food cooking demonstration;
Dinner is usually an option.
Travel must be booked in advance, and while the cost per day is usually less, about $100, it takes longer to sail, so the cost of travel is still high.
At the same time, the cargo ship is not long in the port, and is largely an onshore tour of ni Xing.
A recent stop in Fort Lauderdale, cargo ship CSAV Hamburgo arrived at the port about six hours before leaving the East Coast for a trip.
When the crane removes the refrigerated container on board, the captain
Szamrej Krzysztof said he usually has one or three passengers in five months
A week trip to North and South America.
Many travelers are retired or old.
Florence Hansen, 73, took part in at least 10 freighters, known as \"terrible traditional cruises \".
\"But Andre Reams, 45, doesn\'t like to fly at all.
In the past decade, he has boarded the ship once or twice a year to work where he needs to go.
Reams, the head of his own company, said he did a lot of work on the ship because there was no interference.
\"I feel there is no reason to board the plane in the sun.
The freighter was perfect for me, \"said Reams, who had tried to travel on a cruise ship but did not like it.
The freighter is not suitable for all.
Since ships usually do not have an elevator, and because there is no doctor on board, the physical condition of the passengers must be good, some ships have set an age limit.
Joycene Deel, president of world cruise lines, said her company screens potential customers to make sure they really want to travel on a cargo ship.
\"People have this beautifying image.
This is not usually your dream.
\"When you talk about reality, it\'s a working cargo ship,\" said Deel . \".
Passengers who have to ask how to deal with all the time or are easily bored may seek other trips, Deel added.
For container ship lovers, walking on the deck, watching the sea or dealing with crafts and puzzles is enough entertainment.
Many large bags of books or begin to write their own books: an autobiography or a narrative of sailing.
Some boats have only saltwater swimming pools that can be filled for passengers.
There are also visits to the boat bridge to talk to the crew, although the crew often speaks a different language than the traveler.
Bud keby, 81, made his first cargo ship voyage last year.
He was on the cruise with his wife, but he said his five
The Voyage of the week changed him.
\"I take a cargo ship every time,\" he said . \"
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