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girl on collapsed inflatable slide was screaming in ‘sea of injured children’

by:Tongtoy     2020-01-01
A mother called for stricter rules to prevent similar incidents, and her daughter was seriously injured when the inflatable slide at the fireworks playground collapsed.
On Saturday night, eight children were taken to hospital during an event in warkin, Surrey.
According to witnesses, the young men seemed to fall from a 30-foot high.
The fireworks show is about to begin before the high inflatable slide.
Donia Echouafni said her 12-year-old daughter Nadine fell off the inflatable slide and injured her pelvis while staying in the hospital.
She told ITV News how she arrived at the scene after hearing the incident, where she found her daughter screaming painfully in the \"ocean\" of the injured child.
\'I don\'t want to see this happen to anyone again,\' says Echouafni, and nobody wants to see their children cry on the floor or lose consciousness. MS.
\"No mother or parent should face anything, so I just want to fix this.
When asked if there was a need to strengthen the regulation of temporary playground rides, Echouafni MS replied: \"Ten per cent.
She also called on the police to conduct a \"proper investigation\" and conduct a full investigation warning that \"this will not happen again \".
She said: \"For adults, let alone children, it\'s a traumatic event, and it seems to me to be an ocean of children lying on the ground screaming and unable to move. ‘(It)
It\'s not something that any child should witness, let alone an adult.
Andy Datson, a 23-year-old attendee, said he saw as many as 40 children playing on the slide, and he estimated the height of the highest point of the slide to be about 30 feet.
Earlier in the evening, we walked over the slide and said it looked unsafe.
At the very least, he says, it looks fragile.
There are too many children on it.
It looks like it can\'t hold so many people.
Surrey Police and Health and Safety are investigating the cause of the incident (HSE)
With the assistance of the Woking District Council
The Woking regional Rotary Club, which helped organize the event, said it was shocked and upset by the crash and would meet to \"agree to the next step \".
The Prime Minister has faced demands that after two girls die in separate incidents involving inflatable devices, the use of inflatable castles in public places will be temporarily prohibited. In July Ava-
May little boy, three years old, died in hospital after being thrown on an inflatable trampoline at Gorleston Beachon-Sea, Norfolk.
After seven people died. year-
On March 2016, at the Easter fair in Harlow, Essex, old Summer Grant was blown up at an inflatable castle.
Ms. May said that any \"necessary advice to improve safety\" put forward in Ava\'s investigation\"
Police will \"share Mei\'s death and HSE in the relevant departments as soon as possible \".
In June, married playground workers William and Shelby Thurston, in their 20 s, were jailed for their summer death after being convicted of manslaughter.
A trial heard that they failed to properly protect the resilient Castle, and a gust of wind blew the inflatable device and let it \"drive\" 300 down the mountain \".
A man and a woman arrested on suspicion of serious manslaughter
On July, a police investigation released news of May\'s death.
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