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giant new 92m floating water park is coming to the uk in may

by:Tongtoy     2020-03-07
There are not many water parks in England.
To Cyprus or Spain . . . . . . Or anywhere warm, they seem to be easy to buy-but here we are very lacking in inflatable fun.
But this will not last for a long time as a huge water park is coming and it will continue throughout the summer. Adrenaline-
The 92-meter inflatable attack runway at Albert Dock will consist of 50 inflatable obstacles.
Open to anyone over the age of eight, the marina will be a free Ocean
Slide, trampoline and raft.
Tim Woodhead, creator of adventure Wharf, said that we plan to shine this summer and the team has worked very hard to create a truly unique experience for the guests of Albert Wharf.
\"We designed this course specifically to create a scenic spot that the whole family can enjoy and to have more people on the water.
Don\'t worry if you\'re nervous about freezing to death-there will be diving suits for rent and beach cottage replacement facilities and food stores (
It\'s better to use running around to avoid any unfortunate events).
Tickets are already on sale for £ 20 per person, £ 17 for groups of four or more.
The park will be in operation until October 2018.
For more information, check the Adventure Pier.
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