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Factory custom inflatable small castle trampoline European-style wedding castle tent wedding amusement equipment small castle

Factory custom inflatable small castle trampoline European-style wedding castle tent wedding amusement equipment small castle


The white inflatable castle tent is liked by friends from South America, North America, Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions

This trampoline belongs to a special European-style wedding castle tent, wedding amusement equipment, small bouncer

As China’s famous white romantic wedding tent inflatable tent, the factory direct sales product requirements are more stringent

Material: Environmentally-friendly PVC fabric with netting. It is a professional inflatable cloth with good cold and heat resistance, good flame resistance, tear resistance, stretch resistance, peel resistance, high air tightness, durability, and convenient maintenance. .

The important thing is that the fabric is tested by the Quality Supervision Bureau and it is non-irritating to the skin, non-toxic and not harmful to people at all, and meets export standards.

After one to two years of normal use, it can still maintain the newly purchased effect without delamination or cracking. Our products can be guaranteed to have a service life of at least 5-10 years. We can buy our own wedding to create a more romantic wedding scene. Of course, investors can also buy it for lease or sale business, because the unit price of the product is low and the service life Long, increase the return period of purchases. Pay back quickly.

1. Printing

Our regular wedding bouncy castle is white, it can also be bright colors, lifelike cartoon characters, and provide special customized services.

2. Inkjet

Printing + inkjet (photo)

(1) Printing material: imported high-grade nylon ink (bright)

Technical requirements: green environmental protection standards, bright colors, strong adhesion, no fade after five years of ultraviolet radiation

(2) Printing: high-density and fine printing on airtight cloth

3. Product advantages

1) Professional designers meet your various needs for product shape and size

2) Experienced workers guarantee the workmanship and quality of products

3) Intimate and timely after-sales service

4) A dedicated product quality monitoring and testing department once again ensures the high quality of products

4. Product technology and scope of application

Product Process

Environmental protection screened PVC material

Double stitches, add multiple windproofs, fan cylinder designed in accordance with international standards, multiple vents with zippers and Velcro, convenient for your use

High quality, clear printing, inkjet, silk screen, screen printing, digital printing, etc.

Suture sticking process to extend the service life of the product

Ergonomic product design, precise woven net, protect children's safety

Use range

Weddings, playgrounds, squares, kindergartens, own courtyards, birthday parties, holidays, promotions, etc.

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