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Daily maintenance method of water inflatable amusement

by:Tongtoy     2021-01-12

Water is the source of life, and people cannot leave it. Water amusement facilities have always been loved by people, especially in the midsummer, where they are scorched by the sun everywhere. After playing on the water inflatable amusement equipment, it immediately becomes much cooler. However, we can't just play without maintenance, so today we will take a look at the daily maintenance of water inflatable amusement equipment.

   Water slide is a kind of water inflatable amusement equipment, usually used for water sports, usually spiral or straight. Visitors come in or sit down or at the entrance, sliding along the smooth surface of the sink. The daily maintenance of water inflatable amusement equipment is indispensable, and proper inspection and maintenance of the slide rails are required. This not only ensures the safety of passengers, but also extends the life of the chutes. Check maintenance work, such as sliding waterways, supports ('pillars and steel'), electrical equipment, etc.
   1. Waterway inspection, a relatively gentle slide that allows staff to walk in the waterway, and inspect each road before using the equipment every day. In the process of inspection and maintenance, the staff should take necessary safety measures, such as fixing the rope to the trough support or solid column, and climbing the entire watercourse along the rope for inspection.
  2. Waterway cleaning: When you find stains on the surface of the waterway, clean the waterway with a light brush and neutral detergent to remove dust, fat and solar cream on the surface. Uncleanable stains can be repaired with varnish or wax. Long-term outdoor exposure due to bleaching. The longer the surface, the longer it is. Please note that when you use tools such as polishing, you must be very careful not to overheat. Polishing of overheated surfaces can generate fine sand particles on the surface of the passable channels, causing cloning and streaks. Comfort and happiness play a very important role.
  3. In order to make the interface as smooth as possible, the bottom should not be larger than the mouth, and the height difference should not be larger than 3mm. Proper guarantee will maintain the sliding connection. When the temperature changes, the FRP part will be deformed, so the sealing part will be used to use elastic materials. If these interfaces need to be resealed, all old fillers need to be cleaned, fiberglass needs to be cleaned, and the interfaces must be sealed with flexible polyurethane. Do not use cured plastic. The sealing material with the top surface interface must be removed from the surface of the sliding member with a knife. All remaining traces must be removed in order to remove the debris with thinner. Do not pour the thinner directly into the sink interface because it dissolves the seal.
   The above are some of the daily maintenance methods for water inflatable amusement equipment. Operators must maintain and repair them well, so as to increase their service life and bring more profits.
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