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bouncer castle trampoline slide cleaning

bouncer castle trampoline slide cleaning


Dear friends, due to the recent outbreak, some countries are closed, so our factory can produce normally, but the transportation may be blocked.We still accept orders from countries that can pass normally.Children in isolation also need toys.Please feel free to contact me if you need.The common enemy of mankind calls for our joint efforts.Pay attention to personal protection and be responsible for yourself and others.Wash your hands, disinfect them,Be careful not to go to crowded places. Here are some guidelines for regular customersBe careful to disinfect and clean if children are playing at home.

As in the playground in the idle words refer to

step 1), open and stretch the dirty floor with a towel with detergent wipe dry

2) use the repair tool to glue the place where the lamination is opened in time and glue it to make it sticky.Tiled, sticky.Roll it up and pack it in a dry, airtight place in the storage room

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