We are professional inflatable water slide, inflatable obstacle course and inflatable bouncy castle manufacturer with 25 years experience.

Any further technical information about Tongtoy?
Tongtoy adopts highly advanced technology to produce Tongtoy. Advanced and contemporary technology means more elaborate operations on machines and assembly lines which are both applied to making the products be of long-lasting performance and surprisingly long lifespan. We have also employed professional engineers who are experienced in producing the goods for several years.

Henan Tong Qu Park Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd has been regarded as a professional manufacturer of inflatable rock climbing wall. We have earned years of developing and manufacturing experience. TongQu's main products include water trampoline series. Tongtoy water slides for kids is designed to be harmonious. This is a sense of unity by judicious use of colors, shapes and textures. It is suitable for house parties, school parties, carnivals, business events, etc. It is rather safe for people. This product does not contain health-dangering elements, such as dioxin, chlorinated hydrocarbons, or formaldehyde. Its environmental friendliness has been verified by the National Testing Center.

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