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Amusement equipment amusement park product site layout

Amusement equipment amusement park product site layout

1. Whale slide:

6.8mX7.6mX7.2m Distribution tank 10mX8mX0.55m    It adopts the shape of a whale Two ladders plus an inclined slide The height is relatively low, and the slope of the slide is relatively slow ,It is very suitable for some younger children to play.

2. Space base 30*20*12m 20*15*9m

The Space Base Park is 30 meters long, 20 meters wide, and 12 meters high (15m*20m*9m). It is the world’s largest inflatable amusement equipment recognized by the Guinness Headquarters

(It can accommodate 80 adults or 120 children at the same time). It is a new generation of entertainment facilities, designed according to the characteristics of children. It contains slides, various animal shapes, and a wealth of entertainment projects, which are deeply loved by children. It is safe, comprehensive, enjoyable, novel, bright in color, durable, and made of super-strong waterproof cloth through scientific three-dimensional combination. This is a highly comprehensive amusement park. Through novel activities such as turning, rolling, climbing, shaking, shaking, jumping, and drilling, players can develop their intelligence, exercise their body, and enjoy the body and mind.

3. Ice and Snow World Water Park

Size: 15m*15m*6m

With the theme of the world of ice and snow, people travel through the ice and snow to achieve the realm of integration of people and landscape; this product is equipped with multiple different slides, the park is equipped with an inflatable pool, and some water floats, such as banana boats , Water Dog, Iceberg, etc., make the scene rich in gameplay.


The color of the ice and snow world is mainly white and light blue, which brings a cool visual experience to the summer visitors, as if they are in the ice and snow; a variety of elements are incorporated into the product shape, such as penguins, bears, and igloos. Wait, tourists can't help but have the urge to take photos with it!

4.Octopus water slide  

Use octopus shape and bright colors to match other products of the water parkto give children a water world experience.

5. Jungle Adventure Water World

35.2mX34mX8m covering an area of more than 1,000 square meters

The theme of the orangutan carrying objects and playing in the forest, people shuttle in the forest, so as to achieve the realm of integration of people and scenery; the design structure is composed of three symmetrical slides and three inflatable pools of different heights, plus water spray, Give people a visually symmetrical beauty! To meet the needs of children of different ages, each slide is equipped with an inflatable pool underneath each slide. There are some floating devices in the pool, such as banana boats, water dogs, icebergs, etc., to enrich the mobile water park.


The three black gorillas in the park are designed so that visitors can't help but have the idea of taking photos with them. The color of the slide adopts the same color as the mountain and rock, and the matching is reasonable. It expresses the shape and image of Huaguoshan, which is also illusory and true. Such a beautiful and artistic mobile water park is believed to be fun for the surroundings. The crowd of people brings a feeling of throbbing, so that they will have an urge to go and play some!

6.Fish head slide 

54mX15mX13.5m or 40m*10m*10.5m

The overall color of the fish head slide is blue, which is very eye-catching and domineering. The fish head slide is still very tall, up to 15 meters, and the length of the slide is about 35 meters. Just imagine, climb the fish head slide to about 5 stories high and watch the playmates next to you slide down one by one. Even if I was a little timid at the time, I would slowly let go of worry and want to experience the excitement of a rapid skating. The experience of the fish head slide is probably the feeling of free fall. It will take you to experience the unique water sliding in the cloud, let the happiness share together, and experience the invigorating andbeautiful time.

7. Star battleship trampoline


A variety of small-scale amusement items such as a variety of slides and rock climbing with a starry sky battleship included, and children can drill, climb, roll, slide, and other fun activities.

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